AllPro Customer Review – William Blackmon

At AllPro Window Films, our customers are our top priority. Our customers receive our top-grade professional services every time they visit our shop, and we continuously provide them with an incredible experience so that they continue to return. Not only do we work to make sure our customers leave fully satisfied with the final product, whether it be automotive, marine, home or commercial tinting, but we enjoy educating them on the many benefits of window film and which brand will work best for their tinting needs.

A customer recently shared his experience with us after we installed window film tinting on his car.

Since summer is approaching, I decided to have the windows of my Volvo XC90 and Acura TL tinted because my family enjoys traveling and I wanted to improve that experience with window film. Plus I wanted to keep the interior colors of both cars true to the look and feel of the factory. Research has shown that tinted windows can keep UV rays from entering your cars, which not only protects the quality of my interior, but also can keep my family from overexposure to cancer causing rays.

My wife and I chose AllPro Window Films because we know the owners’ – Keith and Andrea Garwood – integrity and work ethic to be trustworthy and superb. Prior to visiting AllPro Window Films, I had an older car tinted at another shop in the Triangle. Unfortunately, my experience was not pleasant because I waited two times the promised time for the crewmembers to complete the window fim installation. Additionally, I had to sit outside in the Raleigh summer heat the entire time.

AllPro Window Films provided me with an excellent experience, and I felt completely comfortable with the Garwood’s professional team to do a fantastic job on both my cars. Not to mention, AllPro Window Films’ waiting room was comfortable, equipped with free WiFi so I could get work done and fresh coffee. Both jobs were completed on time, as promised, without any delays. I will certainly visit them in the future and refer others to AllPro Window Films.

At AllPro, we believe that by going out of our way to build long-term relationships with our customers, they will become clients forever. Please feel free to call us at 919-981-8468 to schedule a complimentary evaluation or educational session. If you would like to submit feedback to us, please complete a contact form on our website. We are always striving to create the best window film experience for our customers, and appreciate any form of feedback.

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