Automotive Window Tint with a 100% Lifetime Product Guarantee

Many of our customers return to us for their window tinting needs every time they purchase a new car. At All Pro Window Film, we work with you to provide the service you deserve at a competitive price. By using only
the finest film brands in the industry, we are able to offer a 100% lifetime product warranty. Let us help you find the perfect film for your needs.

Choosing the right window tint can be confusing. At All Pro Window Film, we take the time to answer your questions. Our window film specialists are available to find the perfect film to fit any budget.

Automotive window films are double-sided sheets of polyester which are applied directly to windows. One
side is adhesive, and the other is scratch and weather resistant. Window films actively either reflect or absorb
solar radiation.

There are many benefits to adding window films to your automobile. Direct sunlight and heat can cause
damage to the interior of your car. Tinting your car’s windows with quality film will shield your seats and
carpet. When sunlight is not shielded from entering your car there is interior damage that can occur. Faded
upholstery or cracked leather seats can be attributed to this. Adding window films to your automobile can
also help to protect you and your car’s interior from harmful UV rays. These films filter the sun’s glare and can
reduce the temperature in your car on those hot summer days. All Pro Window Films also offers paint
protection films. The film is custom fit for your vehicle creating a shield from scratches, dings, chips, and

Not all window films or window tinting services are created equal. Some window tinting shops offer cheaper,
dyed window films that look great on installation, but eventually turn an unpleasant purple color. Purple
window tint is dangerous because it is harder to see through. When your automobile window tint turns purple,
the film will need to be removed and replaced. If removed incorrectly, the film leaves a nasty residue on the
glass. Cheap window films also tend to “bubble” over time as the adhesive fails. The State of North Carolina
has many laws about window tinting, and we are here to make sure you are in compliance with them. Our
shop only installs films which are fully compliant with these regulations. Make sure you do your research
before choosing to do business with any window tinting company.

There are three basic types of window films that are available on the market today. Dyed window film is the
cheapest option, but it is not very effective in blocking heat. In addition, dyed window film tends to turn purple
or bubble up as the layers separate from one another over time. All Pro Window Film does offer the
FormulaOne Classic Series dyed window film, which is a very advanced version of dyed window film.
FormulaONE Classic Series is backed by a No Color Change warranty. The second type is metallic film and it
is a layered film. The adhesive, polyester film, and metal layers reflect more heat, and it provides a scratchresistant top-coat. The film will not look metallic, but it creates a nice shine. The third type of film on the
market is ceramic or nano-ceramic window films, and they use a high-tech reactive plasma process to add a
ceramic coating to the window film. Nano-ceramic films are often classified as premium films, because of their
incredible durability, heat resistance, and lack of interference with RF technology.

Nano-ceramic films are the highest quality, dye-free, metal-free, and super durable option and offer a variety
of advantages. Nano-ceramic films will not fade or bubble. Nano-ceramic films will also block more heat than
any other films on the market. Another advantage of nano-ceramic films is that they are scratch resistant and
do not interfere with RF technology.

The biggest disadvantage of metallic window films is their tendency to interfere with RF signals. That means they can hinder your GPS, your cell phone, your Bluetooth, and certain RF-enabled systems within your car. If you rely heavily on these things or have a car with a lot of high-tech upgrades you might want to consider nano-ceramic options instead.

Nano-ceramic films are top of the line. They’re dye-free, metal-free, and super durable. They won’t fade or bubble. They’re easy to see through, but they block more heat than other window films do. They’re scratch resistant and they look great. They don’t interfere with any RF technology, which means you’ll be able to operate every system in your vehicle even after applying the film.

Nano-ceramic films are premium films, so they will require a larger initial investment. If you have a premium,
high-quality car, this is the option that is worth making. We would not necessarily recommend this type of
window film for an economy car.


At All Pro Window Film, we will assist you in matching the right film style to your vehicle and budget. Call us at 919-981-TINT (8468). When completed, you will drive away in a car that is well protected and looks great!

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