Automotive Window Tint with an 100% Lifetime Product Guarantee

Many of our customers return to us every time they purchase a new car. Why? Because we work with all of our customers to provide the best film at competitive prices. We use the finest brands in the industry to ensure top-notch performance. We’re able to offer our 100% lifetime product guarantee because we stand behind the strength of these brands.

The window tint industry is, however, plagued by a great deal of misinformation, so we wanted to take a moment to educate you about window films. You can get even more information and make final decisions about which window film is right for you and your vehicle by visiting our shop.

Automotive window films are double-sided sheets of polyester applied directly to windows. One side is adhesive, and the other is scratch and weather resistant. The polyester can be blended with other compounds to change its properties. Window films don’t just make car windows darker, and they aren’t just cosmetic. They actively either reflect or absorb solar radiation.
Window films will protect you and your car’s interior from UV rays. This protection offers a variety of advantages. First and foremost, there will be less of a glare on those days when you have to drive into the sun, which helps prevent accidents. Window films also keep the interior of your car from getting hot, which can be a godsend on those 98 degree days. Window films can also protect your car’s interior from fading, as harsh UV light leech color from your seats over time. We also offer paint protection films which are placed over the surface of your car. This film is custom created to fit your vehicle. It creates a shield which helps to protect your paint job from scratches, dings, chips, and more.
Not all window tints are created equal. Some window tinting shops offer really cheap, dyed window films that look great on installation but which soon turn an unpleasant purple color. Purple window tint is dangerous, since it’s much harder to see through. Drivers end up having to get that “cheap” window film removed and replaced. If it isn’t removed correctly it leaves a nasty residue on the glass. Cheap window film also tends to “bubble” over time as the adhesive fails. This bubbling can have a truly negative impact on your car’s appearance. Finally, it’s very important to realize that the State of North Carolina has many laws about window tinting. Our shop only installs films which are fully compliant with these laws, but believe it or not some shops are not so careful. Make sure you do your research before choosing to do business with any window tinting company.
There are three basic types. The first type we’ve already discussed dyed window film. It’s cheap, but it doesn’t block as much heat. In addition, it tends to turn purple or bubble up as the layers separate from one another. This is the economy option. All Pro Tint does offer the FormulaOne Classic Series dyed window film, however, which is a very advanced version of the material and which is backed by a firm No Color Change warranty. The next type is a metallic film type. This is actually a layered film adhesive, polyester film, metal layer to reflect more heat, and a scratch-resistant top coat. Note that the film won’t look metallic, per se, though it can look shiny. When we talk about metallic window films we’re simply talking about the materials used to create the film. Finally, there are ceramic or nano-ceramic window films. These films use a high-tech reactive plasma process to add a ceramic coating to the window film. Nano-ceramic films are often classified as premium films because of their incredible durability, heat resistance, and lack of interference with RF technology.
Metallic window films block a great deal of heat and glare. You don’t have to worry about fading or discoloration over time. The metallic components also make this window film quite tough.
The biggest disadvantage of metallic window films is their tendency to interfere with RF signals. That means they can hinder your GPS, your cell phone, your Bluetooth, and certain RF-enabled systems within your car. If you rely heavily on these things or have a car with a lot of high-tech upgrades you might want to consider nano-ceramic options instead.

Nano-ceramic films are top of the line. They’re dye-free, metal-free, and super durable. They won’t fade or bubble. They’re easy to see through, but they block more heat than other window films do. They’re scratch resistant and they look great. They don’t interfere with any RF technology, which means you’ll be able to operate every system in your vehicle even after applying the film.

They are premium films, so they do require a larger initial investment. However, if you have a premium, high-quality car to begin with this is an investment that is worth making. We would not necessarily recommend this type of window film for an economy car.


At All Pro Tint we make personalized recommendations, matching the style of the film to your vehicle and budget. Call us at 919-981-TINT (8468). We’ll get you in and out quickly, and when you drive away you’ll have fantastic protection and a great new look.

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