Changing your environment with the help of decorative window films is one of the hottest trends of today!

  • Get a new look
  • Create a beautiful new privacy barrier
  • Turn a window into a piece of stunning art

When it comes to decorative window tinting the possibilities are, literally, endless. However, we want you to be as educated as possible so we can help you make the right decisions for your property.

There are many, many types. Some of the most common types frosts, rice paper, architectural or geometric films, gradients, naturally themed films, light diffusing window tints, opaque films, textured films, transparent colors, one way visibility privacy films, and stained glass films. When we say the possibilities are endless, we mean it!

Decorative window tints can be made out of polyester, vinyl, Fasara, Sim Glass, and cut glass.

Frosted and rice paper films offer clear light but can be presented in a variety of transparencies, from completely transparent to completely opaque. This means you can get total privacy without sacrificing natural light.

You can also move into a series of patterns, and these are literally almost anything you can imagine, from geometric shapes to flowers and birds. There are even frosted cloud films that can make your windows look like a clear blue sky in the height of summer, or long sheets of brilliant color that can really add something special to any décor.

In fact, you can even create your own inspired designs. Yes, we do offer customized, personalized decorative window films to homes and businesses in both Cary, NC and Durham, NC.

The most obvious and immediate benefits are aesthetic, but window films themselves offer a variety of benefits. They can protect the interior of your home from UV rays, which means your furniture and carpets are less likely to fade.

They can provide incredible amounts of privacy. And they can increase the security and safety of your home or office, since they will make your windows much harder to break. In a severe storm or a burglary, that extra protection can make a big difference.

Finally, there are energy costs to consider. By reflecting or absorbing UV rays window films make it far cheaper for you to cool your home or office.

Most window tints will allow natural light to flow through into the space. However, this does depend, somewhat, on the shade you choose. A dark red window tint will certainly have an impact on the amount and quality of light you receive, whereas a rice paper film may have very little impact at all and may in fact allow you to enjoy the light without suffering through the heat.f this upgrade.

We offer a 100% lifetime product guarantee. This update should last for many years, while improving the look, feel, and value of your property.

Not all window films are created equal. There are plenty of companies who are perfectly happy to sell you very cheap, “static cling” window films that will eventually fall off and which won’t provide you with the energy savings or security benefits of real, professionally installed, high-quality window films.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use these inferior products-our decorative window tints are an affordable alternative!


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