Solar Window Film: Providing Easy Energy Savings for Smart Homeowners

Solar Window Film is applied to the interior side of your windows. It deflects direct sunlight protecting you and your family from the damaging effects from UV rays. This type of window film can block 99% of ultraviolet light while reflecting and absorbing up to 75% of solar heat.

 In the dog-days of summer, solar window film will block harmful light and heat. Now your furniture and carpets will be protected from fading.

 All Pro Window Films is ready to find the best film for your home.

Below are some commonly asked questions we receive regarding All Pro Solar Window Films for homes. See how our solar window films can start to save you money while protecting your residence as well.


Ultraviolet Light


Incoming Solar Heat


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On Energy Bills

Solar window films offer an energy saving advantage, as well as other benefits. This type of film can offer an additional level of privacy. Customers have installed opaque solar film on key windows where natural light can be enjoyed, while blocking the view into the house.

Solar window films can not only save you money on your energy bills and offer an additional level of privacy but also add an extra level of security to your windows. Adding window films to your home, office or automobile makes the glass less likely to break or shatter during severe weather.

There have been tax credits offered in the past. In 2015, Congress voted to extend a tax credit which covers up to 10% of the cost of window films with a maximum of $500. While tax law does change from year to year, this one has been relatively stable. You should not purchase window tint hoping tax credits will pay for the work. Let an All Pro Window Film specialist help you select the perfect film for your home.

Most solar films are very difficult to detect with the naked eye. This means that you will be provided with all of the benefits window films have to offer with little to no disruption to the aesthetics of your home, car and office. Even darker privacy window films still allow at least 70% of the light to filter through. Choosing the perfect window film for your space is easier to do with the help of a professional. Since there is a wide variety of films, we recommend that you meet with one of our window film specialists who can help you find the right film for your project and budget.

While we cannot guarantee a price point increase to your home’s value, there is a cost benefit to installing window films. They help maintain a comfortable temperature, reduce fading of carpet and furniture, and offer a unique selling feature. Not all homes have window films, so they are definitely an attractive upgrade.

Every window film All Pro Window Films installs has a lifetime warranty. Our window films are scratch resistant, installed correctly, and will not change colors. If there is a problem, we will get it fixed. Basically, solar window film will last until you are ready to make a change.

We love house plants too! If you are hesitant to apply window tint to your homes windows for the sake of keeping your plants alive, we are here to help! Fortunately, solar window films typically let in plenty of light to keep your house plants alive and well. Our window film specialists are here to help you determine which window film option is the best for your home with consideration to the needs of your plants.

Not normally, but there are some instances when solar window film should not be used. Our window film experts can help you determine which films best fit your home.

Professional installation and high-quality manufactured materials make all the difference. Plenty of big box hardware stores will be happy to sell you low-quality window films with a DIY kit. Unfortunately, these window films will not last, and they definitely cannot provide the same level of energy savings, protection, or other benefits. If the film is installed incorrectly, it could damage your windows. Window film is not easy to remove, and there is a cost. An All Pro Window Film specialist will help you get the job done right.


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