What is Residential Window Tinting, and Why You Need to Consider It for Your Home

Residential window tint, also known as a solar control film is a coat of scratch resistant polyester base applied as a very thin film – only a few millimeters thick – to the interior side of windows in your home. There are various types of residential window tints. Some are dyed; some are made up of a number of different layers of polyester affixed together with an adhesive to magnify their impact – there are even ceramic or metallic versions of residential window tints available.

The metalized or metallic window tints are made from polyester layers embedded in different types of metals and are available in a range of different colors and levels of opacity.

Window tints are beneficial for homes and homeowners for a variety of reasons. They include but are not limited to the following:

Decrease in Electricity Bills

Solar control films or residential window tints are an energy efficient upgrade to your home that considerably impact your electricity and utility bills, lowering them up to 40 percent. Adding a tint to the windows decrease sun’s access, leading to reduced heat gain especially during the summers.

Additional Privacy and Security

Window tints can aid in providing additional privacy to your home and its occupants without any extra efforts. There are various window tints and films that improve day-time and night time privacy such as mirrored, frosted or translucent privacy films that prevent people from seeing in.

Interior Décor Protection

Harsh rays of the sun can be particularly damaging to not only human skin, but also the material objects that decorate our homes. The use of residential window tints diminishes the impact of the UV rays protecting the windows, flooring, curtains, carpets and other valuables from sun damage.

Decreased Heat

Window tints decrease the amount of heat within the home that allows the inside atmosphere to be more comfortable for you and your family. The window tints prevents the harmful infrared rays from entering the home while also increasing the amount of sunlight that is reflected by the windows thereby significantly reducing the heat gain in your home.

Glare Protection

Window tints provide a happy medium between excessive light and too little light inside the home. They help block the glare to the point where it allows the home occupants to use their digital devices without solar glare interruptions.

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